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Optimal Communications Speech Pathology

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Katrine Elliott
Senior Speech Pathologist


Optimal Communications Speech Pathology has been providing Speech Therapy at Southport on the Gold Coast to over 4500 clients over the last 25 years. 

The practice was founded by Katrine Elliott who is and has been a Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist on the Gold Coast for 25 years. She has extensive experience in clinical Speech Pathology and Private Practice supporting both adults and children across multiple clinical domains.  She has a special interest in the areas of AUTISM as well as Voice and Swallowing Disorders.

In addition to being the principal, business developer and owner, Katrine is the mind and creative-artistic talent behind the development of the Phonic All Star Education Program for speech and literacy.

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Visit us at our Southport Clinic. Building 9, 3 Jackman Street, Southport. Gold Coast 4215

She has build a State of the Art Speech Therapy Clinic in Southport, Gold Coast, Queensland.  Optimal Communications Speech Pathology is an accredited Training Clinic for students from local universities who are studying Speech Pathology in South-East Qld and Northern NSW. We cater for a diverse client cross section of Adults and Children of all ages.

We are approved with HCWA (Helping Children with Autism), Betterstart, Private Health Funds and are now working with NDIS (National Disabilities Insurance Scheme) clients.

Optimal Communications Speech Pathology prides itself on being an innovative and highly resourced private speech pathology practice whilst maintaining the optimum of professional services with a ground-level community feel with all families and children that we support.

Our focus is to support you to gain the optimal potential in communication, academic success and personal accomplishments for both our clients, whether they be adults or children. Our programs are developed in collaboration with you and your child’s goals, with an integrated approach that fosters development of the whole person, physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

Speech Pathology services and resources are in high demand in our community with extensive waiting lists and stretched services in Health and Education sectors. Katrine and her team have a strong history of long-term committed therapeutic relationships with her clients and their programs that have enabled real life changing goals to be achieved. Many clients have attended extended periods and have made and achieved amazing growth and life goals that would not have been possible without long term commitment to Speech Therapy.

“Yes…By standing by and being committed to long term therapy relationships, I have seen children grow up and now leave high school with successful stories where a love of learning and strengths in communication are now part of their everyday lives .”

It is our vision to focus on the results from the intervention whilst providing a therapy environment that is friendly, creative and fun. Children are identified for their unique strengths and talents and supported with their challenges in a positive environment that fosters positive rapport, building of self-confidence and self-esteem. Our intervention programs integrate multiple learning styles being suitable for the aural (listening) learner, the visual (seeing) learner, the tactile (touch) learner and the kinesthetic and experimental learner (just wants to get into it, see how it works and have a go!)

We strive to support you, your child and your family as a complete, whole unit in connection with service providers in the community such as your school, kindergarten and your medical team.

Our principle is

 therapy is collaborative and a shared partnership to achieve  mutual goals…

 clinical therapy that demonstrates and achieves outcomes…

 people are valued for their individual talents…

 learning is fun, creative and can be a positive experience!

We Take A Personal
Approach To
every patient

Unlock the potential of your child’s mind.

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We Take A Personal
Approach To
every patient

“We care” are not just words.

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Speech Pathology Screening Assessments
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Voice Disorders are a special interest for Katrine Elliott
Senior Speech Pathologist
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