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Speech Tube is our way of reaching you and your family for vitally needed speech therapy support for speech, language and literacy impairments. Speech tube has been developed as part of our clinical speech pathology individual and group therapy service so that we can support you whilst you are undertaking your treatment program.

This comprehensive program under continual construction enables dove tailing support for your individually prescribed treatment program under the guidance of your Speech Pathology consultant. Speech tube is also designed as a parallel coaching program for our families who are attending our group therapy …Club Yicketty Yak and Inward Bound.

This enables you:

  • to learn about your specific disorder
  • learn how to undertake specific correction therapy task
  • undertake the prescribed tasks whilst watching the online footage

With experience of two decades in the Speech Pathology industry, Katrine Elliott, Speech Pathologist, took the steps forward to solve some of the long term problems families were facing with significantly long waiting lists for access for assessment and treatment in the public system for education and health. Some families were also financially stretched too thin to afford the long stay in therapy to correct complex conditions. Many families live too rural and remote to have access to a Speech Pathology professional in their region.


Optimal Communications, Katrine Elliott, SPeech PAthology, SPeech Pathologist, Gold Coast Speech Pathology, FREE speech therapy, Once Upon A Time Therapy, Club Yicketty YakSpeech Tube aims to finally attack these problems head on with solutions that work and build a foundation of education for not only the community but for the next generation of health professionals.

The concept of reach and the limitations of “supply and demand” for Speech Pathology services has been long standing in Australia, and Katrine Elliott tackled the challenge of this as far back as 2000 when she developed the first stages of the Phonic All Star program. The program originally aimed to teach children about speech sounds (phonemes) and letters (graphemes) and to support kids with speech correction by coming straight into their lounge rooms on TV. The program did attract interest from various publishing companies, app development and TV stations, however, has remained as a speech and literacy correction program in Katrine’s hands given her concerns that effective correction requires the assessment, diagnosis and development of a clinical treatment program by a Speech Pathology specialist. This one factor made the prescription process part of the project she took on challenging to “roll out” without the guidance of a consultant. Now in the age of internet the Phonic All Stars have come to life as Speech therapy consultative support is now online via the skype platform and the lessons can be issued as the student/child’s program requires it. Children managing Speech- Language Disorder and Auditory Processing Disorder can now be supported by a medium that they can replay, pause and repeat for effective opportunities to learning and consolidation of their knowledge rather than being left behind in the classroom when they miss vital chunks of the lesson. Speech tube lowers their handicap in our community increasing their potential for academic success and vocational opportunities.

Since 2014, Katrine and her partner in “creativity not crime“, Kerry, have progressed to develop Speech Tube that will be made accessible for school and kindergartens that have a generic focus of high standard teaching for speech, listening, language, phonological awareness, literacy and social skills. Based on the format and structure of their children’s group program-CLUB YICKETTY YAK-Getting Talking on Track”, Kerry and Katrine aim to replicate the program and support educational facilities to gain access to a quality program developed specifically for communication  for our Australian kids. This step forward was made from what Katrine saw as a responsibility given the results achieved from the Phonic All Star Program over the past 10 years. It was in the collection of data that was showing evidence of trends that children were achieving the correction of their speech impairment (dyspraxia, phonological processing delays and disorders) and literacy impairments (dyslexia and dysgraphia) at faster speeds and a lower cost to the parents than what was seen in the first decade of treatment using traditional methods only.

This was not a simple feat that was taken on, but has been so far 15 years of consistent dedication and hard work to input the design, development, creativity and product creation for a project of this scale. Now since having the extra set of fingers on the keyboard and behind the camera, the projects progress has increase now Kerry has joined the team.

2014 has proven to be a fantastic team as Optimal Communications welcomed the introduction of dedicated Speech Pathology professionals who commenced their training in the programs techniques to be part of the Club Yicketty Yak program and the online consultancy support program being offered.