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Regulating play for your AUTISTIC CHILD

Is your Autistic child's exploratory behaviour causing problems in therapy or during your day?

One of the most difficult problems that parents and therapists face in being able to manage the self-directed exploratory play of the Autistic child. Autistic children may be still learning our rules of the environment such as we sit in the waiting room in a chair, we don’t touch that person’s toys, we don’t raid the therapist toy shelf, we don’t strip the supermarket of all the yummy food when we go shopping.

Families who are new to understating Autistic children are coming to learn that their child may not understand the social context and the social rules of play and their environment. For example, the Speech Pathologist prefers that you stay and work on the task in front of her rather than the one on the second shelf that you spotted.

Children with language comprehension impairment as well as self-directed and sometimes compulsive thinking patterns can be difficult to communicate with when they set their interests on a task or toy. We use the session regulation tool of the available-not available scarf to support learning this function of WAITGO-FINISHED PLAY—PLAY WITH THIS ONE NOW. Autistic children can respond poorly to NO, MISTAKE, or NAUGHTY or BAD. This is why the RED was not used but the checkered flag pattern.

The RED is used for emergency when STOP or RISK is required. To find out the WHY about how children feel the colours in words, join our community of families who are learning about various communication conditions to gain their answers about their child. Speech Therapy DIY is here to help.

Trust me as a clinical Speech Pathologist – it is a lifesaver and I would never have a session without various types of session regulating tools such as this Available-Not Available scarf at my disposal. Visit the BLOG list to find out about the others you can use.

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Join our list for the information based on the STEPS to using the session regulation tool so you can share it with your family, your kindergarten or school support team.

For those families without the ability to stitch a straight line or who have no access to a sewing machine, you can visit our SHOP and order your own SCARF from us. These come in various sizes to suit your needs such as LARGE to block out a entire activity over a table, MEDIUM to block out playing with a toy in the middle of an activity and even iPAD holders to enable your child to finally reach the dining table for a meal or to sit there.

Some days after a long day of teaching SPECTRUM children, I have often considered throwing it over me-just so I can have 5 minutes break to sip my coffee. I know some of our families will appreciate this-just don’t do it when driving!

Help your Autistic child keep to the activities and tasks that suit your day schedule and routine. The AVAILABLE– and NOT AVAILABLE scarf supports you to regulate the flow of task and saves you the problems from meltdowns and concerns.

The medium sized scarf is suitable to have in your handbag when you are on the go. You simply pull it out and block the item in your child’s interest that they may be heading for that it out of bounds to their play. Use the green side to then show them what they can play with when their is an item of interest that your child would like to engage with.

Show your child what they need to learn and know about BOUNDARIES OF PLAY and POSSESSION of goods, toys and items in their day. Many of us think we are entitled to everything unless we are taught otherwise. Your Autistic child just needs to learn this human rule. Be part of our Speech Therapy DIY community by joining our family list and you will gain a lesson sheet based on how to implement this wonderful tool. (on the BLOG page or you can visit www.speechtherapyDIY.com directly)

Available on request from the Optimal Communications Speech Pathology clinic. Save anguish and your child from having to experience meltdowns about change in routine or disappointment from wanting a toy when they don’t understand it is not available for them to play with.

Order your medium sized scarf now.

Also available in large sizes and iPAD bags.

Join our FREE BLOG list for families with tips of how to use it from qualified Speech Pathologists.

It’s a good day when you don’t leave home without it. 🙂