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Our Staff at Optimal Communications Speech Therapy are friendly and professional. All our our Speech Therapists have Speech Pathology Degrees and are certified practicing Speech Pathologists.

Our Speech Pathology Clinic is based at Southport on the Gold Coast in Queensland is also a training clinic for Speech Pathology Students from various Universities in the South-East Queensland area.

Katrine Elliott is the Owner, Director and Senior Speech Pathologist with over 25 years of experience. Over that time she has employed and trained a lot of young Speech Pathologists, so you can be sure that you or your child will be in good hands.

We understand the frustrations that many families experience trying to access Speech Pathology professionals. There are often long waiting lists in the public (Health and Education) sectors and a history of limited supportive funding for communication and swallowing conditions. Additionally, there are restrictions on our professional numbers in our community given the limited placements for enrollment and graduation of Speech Pathology professionals in Queensland . This adds to the high community demand for Speech Pathology support.

Our group aims to support a “no wait” policy for access to see one of our therapist. We strive to uphold this level of access as we value the priority of vital therapeutic correction and/or support for speech, listening, language and literacy skills. We understand how this impacts on the developing mind of children and their success with life pursuits of communication, education and later employment.

We also take our role seriously in supporting adults with an acquired communication disorder to rehabilitate to their highest level of functional independence or gain access to disability supports that provide them with their highest power to functionally communicate their life needs. Speech Pathologists are responsible for the assessment & support for individuals with swallowing &/or eating disorders, where waiting can impact significantly on an individual’s health and airway protection if access is not gained in a timely manner.

Katrine leads the team at Optimal Communications, providing experienced clinical assessment and treatment for children and adults with an extensive range of communication, literacy, voice and swallowing disorders. Katrine supports families in their case management for complex cases and co-manages the Speech Pathology Company which she established in 1994. Katrine’s Full bio can be found under team members profile.
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Kerry Myers
Kerry is our Business manager and one of the owners of the practice. He is Katrine’s partner in life and business. He joined Katrine in the practice over 5 years ago and brings with him a diverse range of experience that includes 2 decades as a Police Officer, Investigator and business owner. He shares Katrine’s passion for achieving the best possible experience whilst families have their journey through therapy.
Amber Corin
Administration Manager
Amber has been with the clinic for over three years and heads up the Reception. She has two Austic children herself and is a wealth of information on matters concerning funding with HCWA (“helping children with autism”) and Betterstart packages. She is friendly, warm and is a master of multitasking. She is a shining example of how to manage work/life balance.
Courtney Myers
Courtney started as a junior a few years back but has proven to be one of the most valuable team members and has now moved up to full time reception and personal assistant to Katrine. She has shown an amazing capacity for hard work and is our social media queen. She is bubbly, happy and always has a warm smile to great you.
Katrine Elliott
Speech Pathologist
Katrines full Bio can be found under Team member Profiles.
Elizabeth Ho
Speech Pathologist
Charlotte’s full Bio can be found under Team member Profiles.
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Lauren Gray
Speech Pathologist
Laurens full Bio can be found under Team Member Profiles.
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Position Vacant
Speech Pathologist
Want to join our team at Optimal Communications? We are looking for qualified Speech Pathology professionals and Speech Therapy aids who are passionate about a career that enriches their life, their team as well as the community that they support.
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