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Phonic All Star Level 1 Flashcards


Phonic All Star Level 1 Flashcards making speech therapy fun…this is where you start!

Your child will be addicted from here making speech lesson more enjoyable for you both!


These colourful set of 46 Phonic All Star speech sound-phoneme cards are essential in the started pack of your speech correction program.

The cards are developed as step 1 being to teach young children the phoneme-grapheme grid to hear speech sounds apart from each other and to be able to say each speech sound accurately. The cards are the essential building blocks for a speech therapy program that aims for speech correction and literacy development. We can’t undertake any learning in mathematics without numbers, so it is essential we have the speech sound building blocks as tools to teach speech production, how to form words and to show children the relationship between the speech sounds and their written letter patterns (graphemes).

These Speech Sound Cards are hand-made and fully laminated to be strong and sturdy so your child can take them everywhere-because they WILL!

The Phonic All Stars are designed on a metal ring to be on the go where ever you and your child will go. This enables integration of fun therapy practice anywhere and at anytime.

Phone our clinic to order your cards. (07) 55 28 2222

2 reviews for Phonic All Star Level 1 Flashcards

  1. admin

    I don’t know how I would undertake a session of speech therapy now without my Phonic All Star Products.

    Nev Ketanic (Speech Pathologist-Geelong-Victoria)

  2. admin

    I agree. It is such a faster treatment program towards correction when the child has access to the complete knowledge of all the 46 speech sound phonemes rather than just targeting the specific sounds one at a time. I find the child’s mind starts to make corrections behind the scenes with speech sounds that were in error that haven’t even been practiced in sessions. This sped up the pace of therapy which meant cheaper expense for the families.

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