Do you want to learn English, but don’t know where to start?

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 At Optimal Communications Speech Pathology, with our expertise in communication as speech pathologists, we can help you improve your transition to English in all aspects or communication.

As trained Communication professionals, we have degree qualifications (Bachelor of Speech Pathology) in the capability for human communication.

Through structured learning, we provide training in all areas of English communication such as grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, writing as well as cultural integration. So in undertaking a communication transition from one country to another, we can support you to:

1. Understand the Australian speech sounds and how to form these with your speech mechanism and to transition these into your talking. This is what can lead to areduction in your accent (For example-you may not be able to say the sound “l” in words)

2. Learn the syntactic structure or order of words in a sentence of the new language. We can also teach you the specific grammatical words that are used in Australian English and when to use them in a sentence.

o   Determiners: For example: “a”… verses “an” and “the”

o   Pronouns: For example: “he” … verses “him”, “himself” and “himselves”

o   Prepositions: “at” … verses “as”, and “of”.

o   Auxillaries: For example “has” verses “had”, Have”, or “has had”.


3. The vocabulary and dialect of English and how to explain this to you. Sometimes another countries language has multiple meanings of words, slang for that culture, and figurative meaning (ie. Idioms and metaphors) that may make it hard to understand what people are really saying and meaning.

4.The social communication and cultural changes in your communication that you may need to develop to feel more at home in Australia. Cultural rules of personal exchange can be tricky to work out in another country and you may feel uncomfortable with the style of social exchange in a new country. For example, Japanese people may hold back and bow their head, whilst Australians may step forward shake your hand whilst gentle holding your other arm as a gesture of welcoming you.


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It is the fine tuning characteristics of mastering a language that impact greatly on the listener’s awareness of your integration into the new country. Our training may not be for everyone, however it is very useful for individuals who need their communication capabilities for their profession and may be judged by the Australian public if their language, articulation accuracy and social competence doesn’t match their client’s requirements. This is becoming more importance as we become a global marketplace.

 A typical scenario may be a phone consultation about a product or service being blocked by a the clients perception of the speakers accents and what that means to them.

For the listener, the consultants accent may indicate to them that they were not a local service and that they may be calling from a service providing company from overseas ( eg. India/ Singapore/China).

They may block further communication about the product-which may impact on the consultants capability to undertake their responsibilities at work.

What does a typical program look like?
In your initial consultation or initial interview, we work with you to:

accent reduction meeting

understand your background
your goals and requirements based on your occupation, role and future plans
identify the structure and features in your countries accent,

language structure and social communication behaviours

We then work with you to develop a specialized program that targets these goals. The program involves:

Speech Pathology

⇒ learning about each topic
⇒ practicing your new changes in your speech with guidance
⇒ providing a home practice program to ensure you are given lots of opportunity for practice of the skills and transference into your communication
⇒ providing you with tools and information to help you to develop further skills in the absence of our coaching later.

We don’t plan to feed you only fish-but teach you how to fish.

This enables you to gain the best benefit for the financial investment in yourself. This may be by linking you with marketplace apps, software, videos…that can help you on your way.

Our aim is to be your coach

We aim to guide you through the process of learning to integrate into your new country or feel more confident in the country you have been living in for many years.