So what Phonic All Star resources can I get to help my child with their speech or literacy?

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  • The Teach me Speech Sounds Manual

Teaches all 26 consonant speech sounds. This instructional manual features a Phonic All Star character, their hand signal for therapy, and teaches how this speech sound is made in the mouth.

  • The Phonic All Star Music CD’s

We have now completed a soundtrack for each Phonic All Star character and their feature sound. The first CD called “Cruisin’ with the Consonants” features the speech sounds…m, p, b, t, s, z, v, w, r, y, j and hThe second CD just released called “The Carnivale of Sound” features the speech sounds …n, ng, d, f, sh/zh, th, ch, r, l, x and q.

  • The Phonic All Star Flash Cards (Level One)

These 46 brightly coloured cartoon flashcards are absolutely central to the Phonic All Star speech and literacy as they represent the 46 speech sounds making up the Australian phonetic alphabet. There are 24 consonants and 22 vowels. These cards are used in multiple speech therapy activities to “build the speech sound grid” which is a vital step to correction of the speech and literacy impairment. These are the cards we flip and practice for accuracy and race for speed! The cards are sold with instructional information about the method and purpose of therapy, you can also buy them already made to save time.

  • The Phonic All Star Flash Cards (Level Two)

These level 2 Phonic All Star flashcards have a different design and purpose in the program. They welcome children to learn about spelling conventions and spelling choices that each speech sound demonstrates (eg. vowel “er” can be spelled er/”her“, ur/”burn”, or/”world”, ir/”girl”, ear/”pearl “)… These cards are a tool to link this level of spelling skill for spelling that starts to get confusing for kids. They are the central tool among a kit of resources that support children in learning their literacy skills. They are best used in conjunction with the “speech sounds folder Guide or wall poster” that connects the speech sounds to the cards on a guide that the children can use in their classroom and when doing their homework.

  • The Phonic All Star Folder guides and wall charts

The Phonic All Star folder guides and Wall Charts are used to support student with their literacy whilst actively at work in the classroom or at home. They summarise the Phonic All Star characters and the letter and speech sounds that they teach.

There are two types:

The alphabet letter Guides: Teaches students information about the 26 alphabet letters, their symbols (graphemes), 21 consonants, 5 vowels, upper and lower case letter relationship, long-short vowel relationships, the alphabet sequence and digraphs (th, sh, ch, ng) whilst supports them by hinting the associated speech sound using the Phonic All Star character. The reverse side lets them fly solo without the cues.

The Speech Sound Guide: Teaches the 46 speech sounds which include 24 consonant phonemes, 22 vowel phonemes and 2 mixture sounds (x-q). These are divided into groups based on how the speech sounds are created (manner of speech production). The individual character images connect to a number which identifies it to the level Flashcards housing the spelling choice/variation information for literacy lessons. This is a MUST HAVE resource for children with dyslexia and dysgraphia to support them in the act of their writing and reading on their desk.

Folder Guides: These are A4 sized designed to go in the students folder between classes.

Wall charts: These are A3 sized designed to go on the wall or for student to work on the desk with.

  • The Phonic All Star Chunks Program

This program is designed to be part of the “How to fix…speech, How to fix…reading, How to fix …spelling, How to fix …writing” series. These are a set of resources designed as activities to enable strategic and structured corrections in the brain. The content is 20 A4 card program with a response form which student practice to build aspects of their speech and literacy systems in their mind to enable correction to occur.

  • The Phonic All Stars Stickers

A4 stickers available for you to make praise and rewarding home practice exciting and special for your child or student. These feature bright photographic images of the Phonic All Stars puppets with reward captions to make the effort in learning fun!

  • The Phonic All Star Level 2 Spelling variation Table-mats

The Phonic All Stars level 2 spelling Table mats are A3 double sided full colour-laminated spelling and reading activities developed to support children who are at the level 2 stage of the Phonic All Stare Literacy Program. One side features a Phonic All Star character and their story for the student to read. It features the target sound (eg. the vowel “er) to be taught and all the spelling choices/variations for that sound. (eg. vowel “er” can be spelled er/”her“, ur/”burn”, or/”world”, ir/”girl”, ear/”pearl “)…The reverse side is a spelling activities whereby the student decides the spelling choice for a word list that is mixed up specific to that sound(eg. “er”). They are designed for repeat usage to consolidate the spelling words