What is the point of difference between the Phonic All Star Program and other literacy and phonics programs?

It may seem like it is another “same old-same old Phonics-Literacy program” of which there are many developed programs that have certainly flooded the market place such as Jolly Phonics, Letterland, Sound Waves, and now Reading Eggs. However, from closer inspection into the design and principles underneath the glossy surface you will see that this program has been engineered for speech impairment and literacy impairment correction practices and developed from Katrine’s 20 years of experience in corrective therapeutic practices and in neurological rehabilitation, in addition to developmental children’s therapy. This gives the Phonic All Star program the edge when it comes to correction of faulty pathways and impairment which is the underlying neurological challenges that exist for individuals with conditions ranging from dyspraxia (motor planning speech disorders), phonological processing disorders (sound coding speech disorders), articulation errors, dyslexia (reading impairment) and dysgraphia (writing and  impairment).

When the program is completed under the instructions of the design, it provides for the skill development for building, developing and strengthening the underlying machinery or “hardware” that are the key processing components for speech, listening, reading and writing in collaboration with the language and cognitive (thinking) systems in the brain.  Other programs as listed above, provide the software in learning, reading and spelling words for children when their speech and literacy systems are functioning normally. This is great for “garden variety-average developing children” progressing through school, however, when these programs are used with children who have speech and literacy impairments in their neurological processing systems, these capacities just don’t work.

It is like putting a CD of software in your computer and wondering why it doesn’t work, when it is the hardware of the computer itself that needs correction for then the software to be functional. This explains the process of therapy and how we do it differently here using The Phonic All Star Programthe medicine in the licorice allsort!

It is also understood that children attending the Program have demonstrated accelerated skills for acquisition of literacy and then shown to advance further to not only reach but compete at the same level and above with their peers which is really exciting that something amazing is happening. Bold statement…I know!!! Just try the program as it is prescribed, step by step and see the results for yourself.  It is this and the speed of correction in the children’s programs that are effectively reducing costs of long term speech therapy intervention programs. These are the benefits now seen in the maturation over time for the program and to now see where these speech and literacy impaired children are years down the track. It was worth the years Katrine Elliott, Speech Pathologist, invested into the tinkering-adding-evaluating…then implementing to be the Speech and Literacy Correction Program that it is today. It was worth the wait.