Developing children’s Psychological, Behavioural, Social and Emotional Skills

The Phonic All Star Program is not just a speech and literacy program. The characters have been purposefully developed with depth in their archetypal characters in such a way to provide children with valuable knowledge about themselves and others to assist them to develop the interpersonal and emotional intelligence to develop happy and healthy relationships with their friends, peers, teachers and family members. Each character takes on a persona of themselves that has both LIGHT and SHADOW parts of their personality, but are used as a model to show children about human interactions and behaviour to better develop their social skills or pragmatic skills. This is often achieved by the use of story telling and drawing the child’s attention to the personality archetypes or personality characteristics of the Phonic All Star characters and how they use their communication style, their demonstrated behaviour and energy patterns in interaction when communicating with the characters in the story.

Psychological, social, emotional and behavioural intervention can then highlight these features when necessary into the child intervention programs to understand themselves or others around them and find solutions in their conversation of how to manage interactions with others. This is especially so if there are behavioural, emotional, and psychological challenges that the child is being supported for in addition to their communication and learning skills. The characters serve as a reflecting board for the kids to work with this very sensitive and highly personal material to help their grow to understand themselves and understand others around them for effective relationships with friends, peers, teachers and family members. To have a taste of this in action visit archetypal alliance for a look into the archetypes LIGHT and SHADOW characteristics and you may see some familiar people among the characters themselves.

For instance, Bobby Ball is our school Bully, while Vonnie Vacuum Cleaner is the town Gossip spreading a bit of juicy gossip around from place to place. Zippy Bumble Bee is the hard working Worker Bee student that always earns their A’s and class rewards from diligence and effort at the expense of play. They are fixed in bee lining it to achieving their goals. Elvis Egg, our troubled Owl who turned to the dark side and hangs out with the wrong crowd and pretends to be a vampire bat. You may also recognise the Joker Jack clown in the classroom who just can’t help but entertain the classroom with jokes-but may interrupt the class lesson in doing so. We can’t forget Ainsley Snail who is a little slower in the race but with steady-dedicated persistence and hard work can finish the race and achieve his goals. Fabian Flower Spray is a little unusual and unique in appearance and behaviour and struggles to make friends, so he decides to create his own independent group … he makes friends with the flowers that love him the way that he is! He supports children to cherish and celebrate their uniqueness.

Each character brings forth a positive lessons to be learned by using the Phonic All Star character in a skilled and interwoven manner into the story and needs of the student. Through listening to their story and how they solved their problem the child can find solutions that they can use as well.