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MUSIC…let us show you how we use the soundtracks to teach our speech therapy lessons. The kids will be hooked.

Now with all the consonant sound tracks completed…they are ready for you to strap your child into their car seat and enjoy full intensity!!!!

So download the soundtracks or albums for CD 1 -Cruisin’ with the Consonants and CD 2 -Carnival of Sound.

However the fun doesn’t stop there as the projects scale goes even further to include the TEACH-ME-SPEECH-SOUNDS Workbook so that your child can learn how the sound is made using the articulators-lips-tongue-teeth-jaw-breath-soft palate and voice.

Original To our Speech Therapy Centre in our two story CLUB HOUSE you will find the home of the Phonic All Stars.

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Teach Me Speech Sounds is our online speech therapy program that supports families with their speech therapy from home using our fantastic Phonic All Stars characters

wacky characters have been created by Katrine herself since their conception in 2000. The Phonic All Star project was built from the desire to provide an exciting way to teach children speech sounds and a means to reach many children with a product that is hot for the childhood market place. Each of the Phonic All Star puppets have been carefully made to demonstrate where to put your lips, your tongue and even whether your voice is loud or soft.  The puppets are part of a scaffolded program that incorporates childhood speech, listening, reading and spelling development and also aims to go beyond Sesame Street and the Muppets as the Phonic All Stars program is a speech and literacy correction program.

So come and meet Portia Candle, Bobby Ball, Winona Wind, Toby Tap, Miss Mary Mouth, Hydro Hound,  Zippy Bumble Bee and Sidney Snake… to start the line up of the 46 characters in the series that makes up the speech sound grid and teach you the speech sounds…/p/, /b/, /w/, /t/, /m/, /h/, /z/, /s/ in order of appearance.


Katrine Elliott is an experienced Certified Senior Speech Pathologist with over 20 years clinical practice supporting children and adults with communication and swallowing disorders/skills. As now part of a team at Optimal Communications, they built and developed the Once Upon A Time Therapy Centre in Southport-Gold Coast.